Makerspace space management software

Built to make managing your space simple

Collecting membership dues, automatically billing users and the ability to book time on different pieces of equipment are the cornerstone of your entire operation. Making that simple is what we’re here to do.

We have meticulously thought through each interaction between your members and your space. Running a hackerspace/makerspace is anything but easy but collecting dues doesn’t need to be a pain point. Let us help.

Manage multiple hackerspace locations, plans, discounts and sign up all of your potential members. Stop spending time chasing down members for their dues and put that time back into streamlining and growing your operation. It can be simple. Let us help!

Yup! No more tracking members down for payments. Your Members are auto invoiced and billed on the day of the month of your choosing. Makerspace management software that gives you all your time back and ensures you get paid each and every month.

Reserve equipment, tools and other shared resources that you have available in your makerspace. No more double booking or confusion in handling scheduled time’s with the many resources you offer. Let us help!

How else can smpl help?

Thoughtfully crafted

We’re designers and builders heart, and we’re always open to feedback. From careful discussions and design sessions with our customers, we’re always adding features to smpl that our makerspace’s need.

Guests & Day Passes

International Tax Compliance (VAT, GST)

ACH Payments

No credit card required. In less than 5 minutes you can be signing up makerspace members. It’s that easy.




Get up and running for free

We don’t get paid until you get paid. Get started for free. Once you sign up your first makerspace member you have 14 more days to trial.

We use Stripe to process all payments. Stripe only charges 2.9% per transaction for credit cards and 0.8% for ACH. smpl does not take a cut of any transaction.