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Last modified: May 21, 2019
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Below are pictures of Hygge’s welcome kit. I’ll also provide some insight into our way of thinking when we designed these.

Create experiences.

I’m a believer in creating an experience for people interested in coworking with us all the way through becoming a member and beyond. The welcome kits we created were meant to be the cherry on top. Those receiving these had already committed to becoming a member and paid for their first month. Opening a Hygge welcome kit was meant to give new members a real sense of belonging to something. It works.

Stop calling it swag, please.

I hate the word swag. It makes me think of logo covered garbage that you get at a tradeshow. Everyone wants it, ends up with a bunch of it and then throws it away eventually. Value what you put in the kit.

Here’s what we included in our box (photos above).

The boxes are standard cardboard boxes we found just by googling the size we needed. We ordered custom tape for the box from Sticker Mule. Each card layer was designed and then printed at Overnight Prints. The hole and cut corners were all done manually.

The physical contents and interactive items are as follows.

  1. A complimentary day pass for that member to give to a friend.
  1. A little field notes type notebook.
  1. A bottleshare ticket. Each location has a beer/wine/kombucha fridge for members to participate in sharing their favorite beverage. Leave a beverage, take a beverage.
  1. A Hygge t-shirt. We went all out with custom printing, hem tags and went with the softest t-shirt we could find.
  1. A small pack of stickers and buttons for members to show #hyggefam love.

How much do they cost?

About $13 each. Yikes! Yes, they are very expensive. The t-shirt with all the custom printing and hem tag make up a large portion of the cost. If you went with a cheaper t-shirt and didn’t need all the custom flare you could bring the cost down significantly.

Is it worth it?

I think so! This is the kind of experience I would want if I joined a space.

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