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Last modified: May 20, 2019
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Hey there,

There was a question over in the Please Wash Your Mugs community about a new member on-boarding checklist. Basically, what steps do we take the moment someone joins. Before jumping in, here’s a the platforms I will be referencing.

Zapier – Allows you to connect platforms through a series of actions and triggers. Example: Changing a lead status in one platform triggers adding tasks to the lead. – The CRM we use

We’re jumping past this member filling out a form on the site, and becoming a lead. Let’s assume they have toured, they are excited, and they have just now signed up in smpl, or whatever platform you may use. Here’s what happens.

  • An email from smpl is sent to us with all the new members sign up info including their start date.
  • An email is sent to the new member right away confirming that their sign up was successful, and that Megan, or someone on the team will be in touch very soon with more information. It’s a two sentence email. Short, and sweet so they know they were billed/etc correctly.
  • An email is sent to us with all the new members information, including their selected start date. We use Zapier to parse that email, and search for that particular lead. Once found, we update the lead status from “interested” to “member”. We also use the parsed information to update their selected membership level, and start date. That info will be used later.
  • The changing of this status also triggers and action to add this member to our Mailchimp list for hygge members. Sometimes we send mass emails to just the community, so it’s good to have them in the list.
  • The changing of the status from “interested” to “member” triggers an action in Zapier. A series of tasks are automatically created based on the members start date.

Here are those tasks.

  1. Send Welcome to the fam email. (Due Immediately) This is a longer form email that explains everything the member can expect before signing up. It asks them to let us know when they will be in first so we can be on hand to get them settled. This also reiterates, and links to the membership guidelines they agreed to on sign up.
  2. Invite to Kisi. (Due day before start) Kisi is our door access platform. This will now be automated in smpl. When a new member signs up they receive their pass, but it will not be valid until their start date.
  3. Invite to Slack. (Due day before start) We use Slack as our community platform. It’s where almost all communication for the space happens.
  4. Send Slack Welcome. (Due on start date) – A slack message is automatically sent to the new member once they join enjoying each channel, what it’s for, and what to NOT do (be spammy).
  5. Add to first month sequence. (Due on start date) In we are able to automatically triggers a sequence of emails. On a set schedule members receive targeted messages. These come directly from Megan, and look like regular written emails. No fancy graphics or anything.
    • Day 1: House Rules – Just a couple ways to be a good member 😀
    • Day 2: Are you hungry? – An outline of all the food options close to all the locations
    • Day 7: Zero Day – Invites the member to the next Zero Day community event.
    • Day 14: Two week check in – How are you? Anything we can do?
    • Day 31: One month check in – How are you? What can we do?
  6. Create/Deliver a Welcome Kit. (Due on their start date) Check the link to see our welcome kits. We love them. Only flex members receive them. It would get to expensive to hand them out to large office teams.

Phew, on paper it’s a lot. We know, but we find the most critical time to be the first month. These touch points allow us to develop relationships quicker.

What do you do for the first month, or two? Does it work?

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