Free coworking software, ugh.

Don‘t cut corners. Pay for quality. It’s that simple.

When I opened hygge coworking I tried to find every single way to cut costs. I googled free coworking software, jumped in forums and asked everyone for solutions, and came out with a mish mash of solutions to manage my space.

This was the biggest mistake. 6 months in, I’m running manual payments, using a free calendar plugin and hanging out keys to my building. All the cost cutting lead to more time spent managing the space. Also, I’m pretty sure the building could not have been less secure.

Listen, all I’m saying is don’t cut corners. If you’re really worried about the cost of your software send us a note. We’re human, we get it.

smpl is free until you have your first paying member, and even then your 14 day trial kicks in. We’re not making money until you do.

There’s definitely ways to save money in the big time but skimping on the thing that runs payments for your members feels like a super bad plan. Don’t do it.

Let’s talk.