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smplr times 001: We get it

We get it. You’re all busy. There’s 46 things to get done. You don’t have enough staff and for the love of all things holy, can Janine stop sharing her personal escapades in dating from Friday night. 馃槹 Welcome to coworking. We’re in the same boat with you running hygge. Sometimes we’re riding waves of […]

Welcome kits for coworking space members

Below are pictures of Hygge’s welcome kit. I’ll also provide some insight into our way of thinking when we designed these. Create experiences. I’m a believer in creating an experience for people interested in coworking with us all the way through becoming a member and beyond. The welcome kits we created were meant to be […]

SEO for coworking spaces

Before starting Hygge I ran a small digital marketing agency called Ready at 7. Our focus was SEO. Naturally, when starting Hygge I made our rankings in search a priority. For a while now we鈥檝e lived in a world where when people need something they turn to Google. There is no better place to get […]

Template for coworking membership guidelines

Hey there! Our goal is to help make running your coworking space more simple. That extends beyond just software. There鈥檚 a ton that goes into running a space, so we鈥檙e hoping to use our experience running our own to space to support you. Membership guidelines, rules, terms and conditions or whatever you call the document […]

smpl featured in Start Charlotte

On Feb 4th, smpl was featured on Charlotte, NCs startup focused new site Start Charlotte. Simply stated, smpl, member management software for coworking spaces, came out of both a business desire and a market need. But, as is often the case with startups, making it happen was easier said than done. Smpl (pronounced simple) was […]