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smplr times 015 · How We Beat WeWork

Hey there, I want to introduce you to hygge member Hannah. She moved to Charlotte, and within a week was standing inside hygge for a complimentary trial day. Her company stated they’d pay for any space she wanted. She does the research. They pay the bill. We were the first stop on her coworking space tour. […]

smplr times 013 · The reality of competition

Hey there, I think about this Michael Phelps image a lot. The one where Chad Le Clos looks left to see where Phelps is. People claim this is the moment he lost. He got distracted by the competition, took his eye off the prize, and that was the end of it. I’m a very competitive […]

smplr times 012 · Hiring sucks

Hey there, I’m spreading myself pretty thin these days. At times, I feel like I’m starting to crack. This was the first week I really felt it. With location 4 just coming online, and location 5, possibly 6 in the near future I starting to feel like the core team needs to grow. Most people’s […]

smplr times 011 · There’s strength in diversity

>Hey there, There’s a satisfying moment at the end of the hygge tour, when a potential member asks how they need to sign up. Is there an application? What about fees? Do I need to sign something? To which I reply… You’re in. No application. No fees. You’ll agree to our membership guidelines (which we […]

smplr times 010 · Protect your brand

Hey there, How connected do you feel to your space and brand? I embody my brand in an unapologetic way. hygge is Garrett. Garrett is hygge. Because of this i’m incredibly protective of it. This week this idea was challenged like never before. A member who has been with me for a long time did something that […]

smplr times 008: Always make a big deal

Hey there, As a coworking space, there may only be a few times when you can get your city or the local news to give you any attention. Grand opening, expanding locations and maybe, if you land a high profile member. That’s it, right? The rest of the time it’s up to you to leverage […]

smplr times 007: A response to feeling lonely

Hey there, A couple weeks back I talked about feeling pretty lonely as a space operator. I’m an extrovert at heart and I’ve been fortunate to have made friends in the industry. From speaking with many of you, it seems like this is something you are looking for and have yet to find – a […]

smplr times 003: Change is good

Hey there, If you look back at grand opening photos of hygge, the coworking space we run, it is nearly unrecognizable. Over the last 2 1/2 years we have evolved the space to fit the changing needs of our community. On day one we opened with 8 dedicated desks available. For months we could not get […]

smplr times 002: Everything is on 🔥

Hey there, You’re gonna have moments where everything feels on 🔥. I promise. Literally as I’m typing this 2 of our 3 locations are nearly inoperable. One is having water repairs done, which means no bathrooms, coffee, sinks, anything for the first half of the day. Another just lost power because of an accident in […]