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For those that don’t know me. My name is Garrett. I’m one of the cofounders of smpl. I also own, and operate hygge coworking. If you ever have a question, or something I can help with just ask. I’m always around. Now let’s get to it.

How many ways to get in touch with us is too many? I used to believe that we should give potential members as many ways as possible to contact us.

✅ Website chat
✅ Phone
✅ Contact Form
✅ Email Address
✅ Schedule a Tour Directly

It’s killing me. It’s contact overload, and in some cases leads to a bad experience for a potential member. Let’s go through these one by one starting with the most valuable.

1. We use Calendly to schedule a tours directly through our website. It sends calendar invites to both parties, follows up with a reminder the day before the tour, and has the option of text message reminders. This takes a lot of the communication out of our hands, and streamlines our efforts. A+

2. General Contact Form. You can see the one we use for hygge here. Depending on what Interest the user pics dictates who on my team gets notified. We also ask deeper questions based on what Interest level they pick. I love this.

3. You have a new voicemail. The subject line that I dread. I get this all day. People always seem to call when I’m unavailable. Listen to the voicemail, return the call, and boom, I get to leave them a voicemail. Tag you’re it. This isn’t useful. I’d much rather get an email, reply there, and set a reminder to follow up with them if I don’t hear back in 3-4 days.

4. Email directly on the website. You’re going to get a bunch of SPAM if you do this. Bots, and solicitors will hunt this down, and start emailing you. As long as you don’t mind sorting through the mess there are people that 100% will never fill out a form.

5. Website Chat. We nixed it 6 months or so ago. We were using Front, and almost 100% of the time missed the person trying to chat with us. It wasn’t worth my having the team monitor this when in most cases all missed chats would result in a form inquiry. It felt pointless, and like we were giving a bad experience.

Let’s discuss over in the Please Wash Your Mugs community.

Coworking – Introverts Do It Better
I found that the moment that I realized it was ok to use hygge, and never speak with another member was the moment that I truly became successful. Introverts need a place to work. I get that community is in our DNA, but if you can figure out how to care for those that don’t thrive off human interaction you’ll double your audience.

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TBH, events kill me. They are time consuming, and proving ROI can be really difficult. We’re working to do more, but through partnerships with groups already doing them. Win win.

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