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Hey there,

We’ve been doing a good bit of tours lately, and something that I’ve noticed is many people are surprised by how heads down members are. “It’s way more quiet than I expected”, or “I was concerned it would be very distracting” is something we hear often.

Let me paint a quick picture of our space. I don’t find it to be “quiet”. The way our space is laid out provides a couple unique environments. We use light white noise throughout the space. Some areas have a little music playing. The area by the kitchen tends to be a bit more social, because people congregate around the coffee. There’s also a couple nooks, or smaller areas to escape the larger open coworking spaces. There’s a little bit of something for everyone.

So what’s the deal? Coworking has always made a big push for community.

Come to this!

Participate in that!

Meet people!

We may have gone a little too far in this direction. The one thing that unifies pretty much all people within a coworking space is that they have work to do. Our job is to ensure people have a comfortable place to work. A place where they can be way more productive than home, which is free. That  should be our first focus as operators. Right?

So what can we do to ensure people are getting the right message about coworking? We’ve been moving hygge’s weekly member spotlight to be a week long affair that focuses more on how people are building something. Showcasing productive people working from your space is a great place to start. I’m not talking the fluffy stuff either. We’re telling more real life stories of how people in Charlotte get shit done, and it happens at hygge.

This is just one place we’re starting. We’ll be changing some of the messaging on our site, and facebook ads to be more focused on getting work done.

What are you doing to make sure your space is properly represented digitally? Are you worried that you might be putting the wrong things in the world?

Let’s discuss it over in the Wash Your Mugs community. And now, on to this weeks top articles.

🧠 From AllWork
Wellness Takes Centre Stage at GCUC UK
I’m on a pretty huge wellness kick this year. I’ve found a direct correlation between my improved wellness, and the quality of the work I’m doing. We’re currently working to pass these benefits to hygge members through hygge cares.

🙏 From Bisnow
Coworking Execs Foresee Industry Consolidation
Yup, It’s already happening. I can’t say much more than we were almost recently acquired by a large player looking to scale in the market. We declined the offer, and are pushing forward on our own. Keep an eye on this friends.

🛋️ From Quartz at Work
The Downside of Generous Company Perks
As we think about creating a space to get “work” done I thought this article was kinda relevant. A neat look at the culture around company perks, and how it’s negatively effected peoples work environment.

☕ From
Flow State Coffee Bar & Coworking Space
I’m always excited to come across spaces that are trying new things. This one is a smaller coffee shop looking to attract mobile workers with monthly memberships, and other amenities.

Now for a smpl update.
This week we released a number of performance improvements and bug fixes for smpl.  We also spent some time in the early stages of planning for upcoming feature work.   One sweet new enhancement we added this week: when someone purchases a day pass, their confirmation email will also contain an attachment with an all-day event reminder, compatible with Google and Apple calendars.Garrett