smplr times 017 · When’s the last time you vacationed?

Hey there,

This past weekend I unknowingly stepped into a 3-day, fully unplugged vacation. The venue for the wedding I attended doubles as a kids sleepaway camp. A camp that is technology free. That means no cell service and no WiFi, except for the owner’s cabin which was quite the walk from where we were staying.

👆This was unintended. Turns out, it was single handedly the most anxiety inducing thing and the best thing for me ever.

Since hygge opened about 3 years ago I’ve taken several trips outside of Charlotte, but I’ve always been in a place where I had access. I could take calls, respond to emails, and generally handle most business. This is by design. I’m not the type of person that likes to unplug. I work to live, and live to work. I absolutely love what I get to do at hygge, so in the moment when I realized I had zero connectivity my anxiety shot through the roof. How would hygge run without me?

I’m home now, and have spent the afternoon sorting through emails, and catching up on conversations. Hygge ran, and I’d almost say perfectly. Here’s why.

Brittany, my second in command, has been given a 100% transparent view of how hygge runs, from the financials through all systems we have in place. Rather than implementing things, and telling Brittany to use them I have included her in the entire process of building hygge. Why is this beneficial? Brittany has all the information, and know how to handle any situation no matter the size and scope. There’s no “what would Garrett do?”. It’s just this is how we do it.

A lot of spaces have community managers that are shielded from how the business truly operates, and major decision making. I’d encourage you to bring on people that you’re willing to show everything. It increases buy in. It empowers them. They’ll appreciate you more for it.

Lastly, I don’t recommend just disappearing. 😅This was not an ideal situation, and a debrief with the team before heading out of town would have been ideal. This would not only have given me a little peace of mind, but would have given me an opportunity to address anything pressing the team may have had.

Still unsure on how to take a vacation, and still operate your space? My coworking friend Angel wrote an article over on her blog DIY Coworking. Read it here.

Let’s discuss it over in the Wash Your Mugs community. And now, on to this weeks top articles.

🐘 From Bham Now
Meet Kim Lee – Founder of Forge
I met Kim a while back at GCUC, and have stayed in touch via email. She runs a space in Birmingham, Alabama and is crushing it. Learn about Kim, Forge, and how she’s taking Birmingham by storm.

Dan Graham – From Changing an Industry to Reimagining Philanthropy and Coworking
I think all the time about being more socially conscious as a coworking space. I keep coming back to needing to embrace it 100% like Dan Graham has done. Building something intentional seems to be the only way. No 1/2 steps.

🌱 From AllWork
The 7 Best Low Maintenance Plants for the Workplace
We are just about the worst at keeping plans alive at hygge. If you’re lacking a green thumb too, here’s an article on low maintenance plants. 😅

Now for a smpl update. We spent a few days last week in Asheville, NC visiting coworking spaces, and really focusing on crushing all the smallest bugs. smpl is running smoother than ever. 🚫🐛

On top of that, quarterly billing is now an option when setting up your plans. We’re still hard at work on a calendar view, pay in person features, and more controls for your invoices. Stay tuned.

And just like that, we’re done. It’s over. Hope you have a simple week ahead of ya.

Until next time,