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Hey there,

I’m spreading myself pretty thin these days. At times, I feel like I’m starting to crack.

This was the first week I really felt it. With location 4 just coming online, and location 5, possibly 6 in the near future I starting to feel like the core team needs to grow. Most people’s response is just to hire people. Yes, I get that, but it’s easier said than done. I’m incredibly hands on at my coworking space. 3 years in I still love being the first one in, doing the tours and handling most things. How can I let go?

My one full-time team member was someone I knew previously. She was a friend. I trust her implicitly. She’s the perfect fit for what we’re building. This feels a bit like an anomaly as I start the hunt for my next hire. The candidate pool already feels small, if not non-existent.

Where did y’all start when you hired? Do I really have to create a generic job listing and post it all over the web? We aren’t looking for the typical skillset. I don’t need writing skills, design skills or any of that. Sure, that would be sweet but I want the person that doesn’t get exhausted during an hour long tour. I want the person that gets more and more energized with every passing minute in a good conversation. How do I communicate that?

What I don’t want? I get enough “coworking seems cool can I join your team” emails every other week. It’s frustrating how little people understand what the job takes. Yes, we have fun, but it’s a crap ton of work. We have extremely high highs and some epic lows. Our brand is built to look bright and happy so the assumption is that’s the life we live day in and day out.

With all that said, I’m curious, when did y’all hire someone last? What was your job description? If you don’t mind sharing reply to this email or discuss it over in the Wash Your Mugs community.

And now, on to this weeks top articles.

✈️ From AND CO on remote working
Anywhere Workers: A study on remote working
The future of work is anywhere. That’s what we’re betting on at least, right? Knowing your audience is essential and the remote worker should be top of your list. This study is beautifully designed, and worth checking out.

🏠 From WorkFrom on a Hiven Coworking
Remote Company Spotlight: Hiven Coworking
This is a cool concept. In the Bay Area, where housing can be nearly impossible to afford entrepreneurs have created a network of houses where you can coworking. Check out Hiven. So cool.

👍 From AllWork by Cat Johnson
Indigenous Coworking in Manitoba: A Q&A with Tara Everett
I met Tara digitally a while back through a LinkedIn post she had wrote. Throughout getting her space running she’s provided an uber transparent look every step of the way. She’s going to make something awesome happen. I’m confident in that. Read her Q&A with Cat.

Now for a smpl update. Remember when I said don’t tell Mike & Sean I said resource restrictions would release in a week because they’d be mad that I gave a timeframe? Shot myself in the foot! We still have a couple more tweaks to make before that gets into the world. It’s coming.

In the meantime, we’re adding more confetti to welcome your new members to your community. 🎉

And just like that, we’re done. It’s over. Hope you have a simple week ahead of ya.

Until next time,

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