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There’s a satisfying moment at the end of the hygge tour, when a potential member asks how they need to sign up. Is there an application? What about fees? Do I need to sign something? To which I reply…

You’re in. No application. No fees. You’ll agree to our membership guidelines (which we call a pinky promise) when you sign up online. That’s it. You made it!

The surprised look on people’s faces used to catch me off guard. Was it because we made this too easy? It’s actually because so many places have made it so damn hard. As it turns out, quite a few space operators are fearful that they are going to end up with the wrong people in their spaces. I understand that fear but there’s a good chance it stunts the growth of their community. People want to be accepted. They are looking for community. Don’t make that bar too high.

Some of the people I was absolutely unsure of during a tour have turned out to be some of my most dedicated members. I was particularly unsure about one of my first five members.  During their tour, they gave me some weird vibes – they’re still with me three years later. Was I having an off-day that day or was she? Who knows, but I could’ve judged her, put a long application in front of her, or scared her with fees and lost one of hygge’s best.

Inclusivity is incredibly important to us. hygge’s strength is in its diversity. Being surrounded by people that think and work differently from us only seeks to make our community more impactful. This is a good thing to remind yourself, and your community managers during tours.

Tell me what you think over in the Please Wash Your Mugs community. I’d love to hear how you handle new incoming tours

Now, on to this week’s must-read articles.

👶 From AllWork on rebranding your space
The Growing Trend of Rebranding 
I have pour endless time, energy and money into hygge’s brand since day one. I’m so freaking proud of it I could not imagine ever switching it. Would you change your brand if someone said it would take you to the next level? For me, nope.

☕ From Please Wash Your Mugs on last months rent by me.
Stop Asking For Last Month’s Rent, Please
I’m not sure why coworking space’s continue to talk about a member’s last day the moment that they are interested in signing up. We make the rules, and this is one that you should eliminate from your world, please.

🔨 From the Internet
DIY Coworking
Just found this resource and will start digging through it for gold nuggets here soon. Just wanted to pass it along for those that love reading about coworking.

Now for a smpl update. We’re always jamming on new additions to smpl, we promise. Resource restrictions by plan should release in the next week. Shhh, don’t tell Mike & Sean I said that.

It’s not all new features though. We spend a ton of time handling bugs that are submitted or found by you. Here’s a couple examples of what we found this week.

  1. You could double book a resource at the same time. What?! how? It happened.
  2. If you uploaded a massive logo when signing up a customer it broke the internet.
  3. Somewhere along the line we removed the ability to update your profile pic. That’s fixed.
  4. We now hide sign up links for spaces that don’t have available plans.
  5. If Intercom (that’s our chat bubble), crashes it doesn’t crash all of smpl 😅

This is just a small sampling of the things we deal with week in and week out. We’re committed to squashing every single one.

And just like that, we’re done. Hope you have a simple week ahead of ya.

Until next time,

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