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Hey there,

Taking a slightly different approach this week. I’m wrapping the regular smpl update into my regular forward.

Late last week while looking for coworking spaces to visit on an upcoming trip I came across what I would consider some pretty bad websites. Bad photography, very wordy and just generally lacking in any sort of direction.

I’m concerned. Your website is likely the first thing a potential member is going to interact with associated with your brand. Before they ever pick up the phone or show up for a tour they are going to do some pretty extensive research. The same way you probably shopped for coworking software is exactly the way people are researching coworking spaces.

They Google Coworking in [insert city], and open the top 5-7 search results. As coworking gets more popular and the market gets competitive you’re going to have to stand out.

Here’s where your website comes in. It has to look good. It has to be a proper representation of not only your space, but the personality of the people within it. If you’re concerned with your site, or just don’t know give me a shout. I’d love to help. This weekend I worked to put together what I consider a beautiful one-page marketing website for a coworking space. You can view it here.

Simple, clean and optimized for conversion. For $35/month we will build, host and maintain your site. Our template. Your domain, photos and personality. Simple.

If you have the means and/or skills to do this work yourself, here’s a couple quick thoughts/action items for this.

  1. Photos. High quality photos of not only your space but people in your space, working. People are looking for themselves in the space. Show diversity.
  2. Personality. We’re pretty clear about who hygge is from our website. We’re a little weird. We love our #hyggefam. We’re not a niche space and want everyone.
  3. Clear navigation. Get people to the end point as fast as possible. For us, we offer membership, a podcast studio and meeting space. Get people to the info they want and then the contact form as fast as possible.
  4. Bonus: Centered text for large paragraphs are the worst thing in the world and are very hard to read. Stop doing it. They also make smpl’s cofounder Mike die a little inside.

These are just some quick thoughts but it’ll help. Get on that. If you haven’t the slightest clue where to start then let us build/host the site for you. Let’s talk.

Now, on to this week’s must-read articles.

👪 From AllWork on Community
Is Community Enough When Marketing Your Coworking Space
Since that Fast Company article on the big players all saying the same about community slightly different everyone has an opinion. I like this approach. There’s likely a couple amenities that should be leveraged to market your space. Start there. Community will come later.

🤔 From AllWork on Bond Collective
How Bond Collective Pivoted to Success
We’re talking a lot about marketing yourselves and standing out lately. Bond has done a pretty darn good job of standing out in an ever increasingly crowded market. A worthwhile read.

💬 From Cat Johnsons Blog
Coworking vs Workspace: What’s the difference?
A video made from the latest GCUC UK asking several operators about space. What do you think?

That’s it. Hope you have a simple week ahead of ya.

Until next time,
– Garrett

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