smplr times 008: Always make a big deal

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As a coworking space, there may only be a few times when you can get your city or the local news to give you any attention. Grand opening, expanding locations and maybe, if you land a high profile member. That’s it, right?

The rest of the time it’s up to you to leverage your own influence, your members, friends and family to create buzz for the work you’re doing. We learned this the hard way for the 2nd location announcement. We didn’t do the leg work to generate interest during the already difficult holiday season for interest. We dropped the ball.

This coming Friday we are announcing what’s next for hygge, and we are making it a big deal. We’re not going to make the same past mistakes. Instead of relying solely on local news we’re getting every single advocate we have involved. We’re simply asking for their support and participation and people will show you for you. It’s heartwarming.

I’m excited for it to all play out so I can share exactly what we did and how it worked out.

So with all that said, what did y’all do to get some buzz pre-open, expanding locations or for some other announcement?

Now, on to this week’s must-read articles.

馃檶聽From Shareable on Impacting Local Communities
These 6 groups are showing how coworking spaces can positively impact local communities
The work you do to be more integrated into your city can be a turning point for your space. Necessary? No, but advocacy is what we’re all looking for and the best way to get some is to do some good. Go find ways to make an impact and run hard at it.

馃聽From AllWork on Competitive Markets
Industry experts share experiences on how to grow in a competitive market
I’m a big fan of #1 on the list. Stay in your lane. It’s always easier to do what’s trendy. They reference ping pong tables, beer, etc. You know what’s best and playing that out will be better in the long run. Don’t be reactionary.

馃聽Cool Concept/Space Alert
Pilotworks, a coworking space for starting a food business
I come across all sorts of spaces and wanted to start sharing them with you. This is a cool unique concept centered around lowering the bar for people starting a food business. Love it.

Remember, being a part of smpl gives you access to a community of coworking operators that believe in supporting each other.聽Enter Please Wash Your Mugs.

Now for your smpl update. Over the last week we’ve released the new member welcome screen and messaging controls, manager access and all new snacks. Yes, snacks, those things that pop up when you hit save. They new. We love them.

Alongside that we’re working on new resource booking features. Next up is restrictions based on member plan. See below. All plans will have a base hourly restriction for booking resources that you can set. You can them manually edit a members hourly restriction. Huge! We’re pumped.

That’s it. As always, an exciting week ahead.

Until next time,

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