Can I get a booking calendar, please?

If we had a dollar for every time a coworking space asked for a booking calendar. We get it. We run a space and are dying for it as well. The team has been hard at work on it. We’re close to putting the first version into the world. SO CLOSE.

We’ve been working on this alongside other core functionality updates… add-ons released yesterday 🎉 and now it’s all calendar, all day.

Here’s a sneak peak at what we’re working on and believe us, we’re so ready to let you and your members use it. Not too much longer.

Tons of thought has been put into how your members will interact with a booking tool. Our goal? Making it as simple as possible for them to go from “crap, I need a room” to “yeessss, booked a room!”.

There’s a good chance what you see below will change on some level. We’re always looking for feedback so don’t hesitate to send us a note to [email protected].

Garrett Tichy

Garrett is a cofounder of smpl. He also owns and operates a 3 location coworking space in Charlotte, NC called Hygge.