smplr times 003: Change is good

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If you look back at grand opening photos of hygge, the coworking space we run, it is nearly unrecognizable. Over the last 2 1/2 years we have evolved the space to fit the changing needs of our community. On day one we opened with 8 dedicated desks available. For months we could not get a single person to take one of those desks. We removed them.

Now, years later we’re doubling down on dedicated due to the demand. Less than 3 hours ago I was building new sit/standing desks and transforming the once dedicated, now flex membership space back into a dedicated desk area. More than half are committed and we’re confident in filling the rest over the next couple weeks. At $250 per desk, this is a significant bump in monthly revenue.

What’s the catch? Coworking is not a set it and forget it type of business. Watch how people use it. Don’t be afraid to bend what you’re used to, especially if the demand is there. If someone needs a desk for a monitor and are willing to pay, we try our hardest to find a place to put them. It’s good business and they’ll be forever grateful for the accommodation.

Now, here’s a couple must read articles for the week.

📝 From Please Wash Your Mugs, a blog by me, Garrett
Should I offer free coworking days?
Yes, you should but on any day the potential member wants. Don’t create events around coworking. You run the risk of creating an adverse environment and failing to deliver on what actual coworking is like. Read our story.

👮‍♂️ From Allwork, a blog dedicated to flexible working
How To Protect Your Pricing With a Map Policy
I recently discovered my 3 locations listed on I never created these listings, added any of the photos or pricing info. If you’re big into leveraging the reseller market for your space then this is a must-read.

🤯 From the Sage journals
Augmented space planning: Using procedural generation to automate desk layouts
Holy crap this is some super nerdy way into creating space stuff but I had to share. A post from WeWork about their procedurally generated desk layouts for any office shape and size. For us we drop desks in a space and move them 23 times before it’s perfect, and then it’s still not. Nerds.

🛍️ From Retail Dive, a retail news site
Is Co-working The Next Hot Retail Concept
Whether you’re a big space or a small town indie space you should be keeping up with the trends in coworking. I’m always looking for new ways to leverage each location. Food for thought as your grow.

Also, it’s coworking, not co-working.

Now for your smpl update. While we’re putting the finish touches on the resource booking feature I thought I’d share a peek behind the dev curtain real quick. While building new features we’re constantly on the lookout for bugs. 🐛

This past week was one of the more comical ones. A new hygge coworking member was signing up and came across the Intern add-on. $99/month and we’ll sell you an intern, or at least that’s how he took it. We created this to add to a couple people who were going to have summer interns and wanted to pay using the same card. Turns out the hidden add-on feature wasn’t working. A quick fix and boom, we’re no longer selling interns. 😅

That’s it. Big week ahead. Hope y’all are excited for what’s to come.

Until next time,

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