smplr times 001: We get it

We get it. You’re all busy. There’s 46 things to get done. You don’t have enough staff and for the love of all things holy, can Janine stop sharing her personal escapades in dating from Friday night. 馃槹

Welcome to coworking. We’re in the same boat with you running hygge. Sometimes we’re riding waves of highs and other times we’re up a creek with no paddle. The best thing we can all do is find ways to support each other.

So with that, we’re introducing smplr times, a weekly newsletter, delivered every Monday morning giving you all the tips, encouragement, and resources you need to run your coworking space. We also hope to use this to be a little more transparent about smpl’s dev process.

Let’s do this.

馃摑 From our own smpl blog.
Template for Membership Guidelines
Hopefully you’re having members agree to some rule set or guidelines. Here’s a copy of the one we use at hygge. Feel free to take & alter as much as you’d like.

馃檨 From a coworking space that closed it’s doors in 2016. Still relevant.
On December 31st, We’re closing our doors for good and here’s why
Still one of the best and most transparent looks at running a coworking space and just how difficult it is to keep it rolling. I keep this article handy every time I question what I’m doing. It’s awesome that they used their shutting down as an opportunity to educate.

馃應 From the AllWork.Space blog by Cat Johnson.
Insights & Tough Love from an Old Coworking Hippie. Meet Jeannine Van Der Linden
I had the pleasure of snagging some of Jeannine’s time not too long ago and I promise, she’s awesome. One of the good ones, Jeannine is no BS and understands what it takes to push coworking forward.

馃敂 From Dallas Innovates.
As Coworking Market Grows, Local Operators Look to Stand Out With Unique Amenities
I’m still not sure coworking is in need of expanded amenity sets. I meet a lot of spaces that struggle perfecting the core feature set of reliable internet, decent in-house coffee, community building, etc. I share this to keep you aware of the conversation but also to encourage you to crush basic coworking before stepping into uncharted territory.

馃摣 From Mugs.Gripe, a blog written by me, smpl cofounder Garrett Tichy.
Should you let members use your address for business purposes?
The answer is… yes! But make sure you price is accordingly and make it very easy for members to take advantage of.

Now for a quick smpl update. The resource booking feature is our “Are we there yet?”. It’s universally needed and we get it. We’re hard at work and surprise, we’re not far off from putting version one into the world. Peek a screen below.

I want this to be valuable. It takes a long time to hunt down quality articles, resources and news worth sharing. Feedback’s awesome. Want more of one thing, less of another? Just let me know.

Until next time,

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