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Built from the ground up for you

Member management, automatic billing and a resource booking calendar are the backbone of your space’s operations. Each and every action between you, your members and smpl’s coworking software has been purpose built. We have meticulously thought through these solutions to help make managing the day to day at your coworking space easier.

Manage multiple coworking locations, plans, discounts and sign up all of your members. What if you could take back all that time manually chasing coworking members down and put that back into growing your space. smpl is coworking software that gives you back the time you should be spending with your members.

No more chasing payments. Phew! Taking back that time and spend more of it growing your membership. Members are auto invoiced and billed on the day of the month of your choosing. Members can choose to be billed via credit card or ACH bank payments. Coworking space management software that makes sure you get paid.

Book meeting rooms and other shared amenities. smpl is a coworking software that gives you all the control but empowers your members with the right tools to run their business from your space.

Increase monthly revenue by offering add-ons that can be purchased at sign up or added later. We’re talking everything from lockers, to business address use to other space resources you have made available.

Take care out visitors traveling in from out of town or those interested in checking out your space by easily selling one-off day passes.

No credit card required. In less than 5 minutes you can be signing up members. It’s that easy.




Everything included. No tiers. No hidden fees.

We understand that starting a coworking space can get expensive and revenue, in the beginning, is only starting to trickle in. smpl is built to scale nicely with your growth. We don’t get paid until you get paid. Get started for free. Once you sign up your first member you have 14 more days to trial.

We use Stripe to process all payments. Stripe only charges 2.9% per transaction for credit cards and 0.8% for ACH. smpl does not take a cut of any transaction.


Frequently asked questions

Someone smart once said, the more you know.

Choosing the right software to manage your coworking space is no easy feat. We are doing our best to answer each and every question you may have. Don’t see the answer to one of your burning questions here? That’s ok! Hit the button below and ask away. We are here to help.

Is there a free trial?

Absolutely! smpl is free to get started. Once you add your first member you have 14 more days to test drive smpl. When you’re getting close to the end we’ll touch base and make sure you don’t have any questions.

Why do I need to connect my Stripe account?

Stripe processes all of the credit card payments for smpl and helps keep everything secure. They also handle sending the funds to your bank account. Stripes takes 2.9% of every transaction.

How do you calculate total members?

Any member with an active recurring membership counts. On your billing date we will calculate the total number of members (and locations).

Why doesn’t smpl do {insert feature}?

We are intentional about what we release into the world, and want to make sure that everything smpl does is well thought out. There is plenty of software out there that will check off every box you can come up with, but the execution might be lacking, and we think you deserve better. We are always looking for feedback to help inform and prioritize our roadmap, so please let us know what is important to you and what you would like to see in the future.

What if my coworking space isn't open yet?

We’re happy to extend your free trial until your space is open. Just drop us a line.

By people who cowork

We get coworking. You're going to love us.

We got into coworking to create an engaging and vibrant experience in our workplace. Software was a need and we wished the current solutions understood our day to day.

Why wasn’t it easier? We understand that every coworking space is looking to manage costs and simplify operations in their space.

If you know the feeling, we built smpl for you. We created coworking space software that helps you focus on what truly matters: spending more time with your members.


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We have taken out all the stops. No credit card required. In less than 5 minutes you can be inviting and billing your members. It’s that easy.

We use “Stripe” to securely handle member payments.
To learn more about stripe, visit https://stripe.com/about

Create a plan, add a description, price and some terms and conditions. Then attach it one or more locations and you’re ready to go.

Create recurring and one-time discounts to utilize when you invite members via email or they sign up directly.

Send new coworking members an email invite or send them to your custom smpl domain to sign up.

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Looking for coworking space software that actually understands the needs of real coworking space owners?

Look no further than smpl coworking management software. The team at smpl went through the process of building and managing multiple coworking spaces from the ground up to understand what it takes to create coworking software that provides everything space owners need, while keeping management of day to day operations smpl. With no download necessary, you can use smpl on any computer or manage via the coworking app on-the-go with your phone.