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smpl is built from the ground up by people ( 👋🏼 that’s us ) that understand coworking. We built this for you, because we believe there’s a much more simple way to manage your members, billing, and meeting space booking.



Every single feature we build is meticulously crafted to consider not only your interactions as a space owner, but also how to make it as simple as possible for your members to use. Here’s where we focused.

Member Management

Create plans, add-ons, discounts, and day passes. Then invite members to join, sign up, and manage their own account through a member portal.

Automatic Billing

Automatically bill your members monthly, quarterly, and yearly. We’ll handle tracking down failed payments with alerts to your members.

Resource Booking

Create, manage, and booking resources like meeting space, and equipment.

Proudly Working Alongside Spaces Like

We consider ourselves invested in the success of every space that uses smpl. We’re here to help you grow.


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Member management

Sign up and manage all your members across multiple coworking locations. Create custom membership plans and special add-ons like lockers and mailbox use. Then create discount codes that can be distributed for special coworking promotions.

Automatic billing

No more chasing payments. Automate with smpl software. Coworking members are auto invoiced and billed on the day of the month of your choosing. Members can choose to be billed via credit card or ACH bank payments. Need to set up VAT, GST, or sales tax? It’s easy to set your rate and collect extra tax information when new members sign up.

Meeting space

Create bookable meeting rooms, human resources and equipment that you share at your coworking space. Members can use smpl software to book the resources based on availability you set whether 24 hours or limited day to day. Resources can also be controlled by location.

Day Passes

Visitors of your coworking space can purchase day passes directly from your smpl portal. smpl coworking space management software allows your to provide instructions that will be automatically emailed to them once a pass it purchased.

Marketing site plus a blog

A beautiful marketing site is essential to the success of your coworking space. For $35/month we will build, host and maintain a one-page marketing website for you. Our template. Your domain, pictures and personality. It’s that simple.

Monthly pricing so simple a cat could understand it. 🙀

If you are not open yet, smpl is free of charge. 🙌  If you’re open smpl is free for 14 days after you sign up your second member. After that the pricing is as follows.

  • $2 per member

    We’re only growing if you’re growing.

  • $15 per location

    Again, we’re only growing if you’re growing.

  • $1 per non-member charge

    Currently includes product purchases, including day passes.

Optional Support

  • Marketing Website

    For $35/month billed annually, or $60/month billed monthly we will build, host and maintain a one-page marketing website for you.

Our story

Or at least, the important parts of it.

Why did we build coworking space management software?

Let’s take it way back to the beginning, before we even knew coworking software was something we needed. In October of 2015 we opened hygge coworking in Charlotte, NC. We had a little bit of money and invested it all in the space. There was a little runway but we were penny pinching in every way possible. That meant using a mix and match of free software. That was our first mistake.

6 months and 50+ new members later we decided the concoction of free software that we were using was only making our lives more difficult. We needed a solution. A quick Google search for Coworking Space Software led us to a world of options.

We did a little vetting and boom, we were in one that stuck with us for some time. Over the next year felt the software pushing back. We started to have repeat moments where we’d ask ourselves if the developers of this platform really understood coworking and what made us tick.

Your coworking space software does not have to suck.

This is where smpl coworking management software started. There had to be a better way so we decided to solve our own problem. We’re designers and builders at heart. Every single interaction with smpl, both on the owner and member side, is meticulously thought through.

Let’s not make a mad dash to insert as many features and integrations as we can. We’re really not into long checklists with the goal of making our software appear way more robust. Our goal is to absolutely crush each feature we add. No half-ass releases.

This is just a small piece of how we look at smpl and coworking. Shoot us a note to [email protected], hit the ‘meet the team’ button above to learn more about us, or chat with us via intercom. We’d love to hear from you.

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The blog

Knowledge will definitely make your life more simple.

News, updates & coworking resources

For the latest on how smpl is evolving as a coworking management software platform stay tuned to our blog. We’ll write about our feature releases, future plans and more on a regular basis.

We’ll also create and share resources using the experience we have managing a coworking space. Go here for all our coworking resources.

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